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A Health Innovation Community Collaboration



Newfoundland and Labrador is in position to be a national and international leader in genomics.  Grand Falls-Windsor can play a significant role.

The Genomics Based R&D Centre for Health plays a key role in patient recruitment, assessment  and data collection across multiple projects and is a meeting place for new initiatives.

Researchers have been collecting clinical information and DNA samples for the past 20 years in Newfoundland and Labrador. Drawing from the surrounding communities , researchers partner with families to make the connection between the disease and the genes, enabling scientists to determine what causes diseases that affect us all around the globe.  

Making the connection between the phenotype and the genome enables scientists to determine what causes the disease that occur here and around the globe. and knowing this information scientists can develop better treatments in partnership with industry.   This creates new economic opportunities in Grand Falls-Windsor. 

 Focus areas are hearing loss , heart , mental health and vision.

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