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Age Friendly 

Grand Falls-Windsor

Dignity, Self-fulfillment, Social Inclusion, Independence, Safety and Security and Fairness. 

The World Health Organization and Health Canada define healthy aging as: 


“a lifelong process of opportunities for improving and preserving health and physical, social and

mental wellness, independence, quality of life, and enhancing successful life-course transitions”.

Healthy aging is about the overall, life-long health journey."


It includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health needs.

Healthy aging can prevent, delay, or help better manage chronic disease.

Seniors Mental Health


Supportive communities are key in healthy aging.


The Town of Grand Falls-Windsor understands its role in creating a healthy community for seniors.  In December 2010,  the Town,formed the Age Friendly Steering Committee (AFSC), in partnership with Central Health, the Exploits Valley YMCA, the Exploits Valley 50 Plus Club, and the Friendly 50 Plus Club.  

Using the Age Friendly Rural and Remote Communities: A Guide, 300 detailed surveys assessed the age friendliness of Grand Falls-Windsor, and generated a series of action items for implementation. 

The goal of the steering committee is to action healthy aging initiatives.

8th Annual Seniors Fair

October 3, 2019 

Social participation

Connecting business

Connecting groups

Building community


Improving and Promoting Accessibility

An accessible town starts with an accessible Town Hall. With the support of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association and the Genomics-Based Research and Development Centre for Health, The Town of Grand Falls-Windsor has installed a hearing loop at the front desk.
This loop will improve hearing accessibility for community members and visitors with hearing loss.


For more information on how hearing loops work, visit or ask your local hearing healthcare provider.

Mental health problems and illnesses among older adults are likely to affect every family in Canada in some way. 

If left unaddressed, the increasing pressure on the healthcare system will have significant social and economic impacts.   And many caregivers are aging adults themselves, so addressing their mental health concerns now will help improve the quality of life for countless more people as they grow older.                                                                                                              Mental Health Commission of Canada

Seniors Mental Health Education

Lets Fight Early Signs of Dementia Together--Learning the Ropes

A partnership of the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor and Central Health. Jan 18, 2018

Learning the Ropes was a six week evidence based program from Baycrest Hospital in Toronto, Ontario  designed to delay and/or prevent dementia. It improves everyday memory, will help individuals age at home longer,decrease the risk of anxiety and depression , and help reduce caregiver stress



The Town of Grand Falls-Windsor is Committed to Senior Wellness and Innovative Health Care Partnerships


With a grant from the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor, mental health professionals have been trained in Learning the

Ropes. This program focuses on optimizing cognitive health for seniors through lifestyle  changes, memory training, and psychosocial support.


The Town of Grand Falls-Windsor supported by Central Health and the local medical community hosted a first time seniors mental health conference on October 18th, 2018

This conference focused on stakeholder education and a forum to exchange ideas to improve the quality of life for people struggling with mental health barriers in Grand Falls-Windsor.


How Community Groups Can Be Supportive to

Seniors with Early Signs of Dementia

Distinguishing Between Depression, Dementia and Delirium


Addiction and Seniors

A Family Caregiver Perspective

Keynote:  Dementia- Can it be Prevented? 

The Genetics of Mental Illness     

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